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Complementary Therapy

Inversion Chair

 Inversion elongates the spine and stretches the muscles. It also puts gravity to work for you by putting your body in line with the downward force of gravity. The many benefits include: decreased spinal compression; correction of lumbar curvature; relief of disk and nerve root pressure; and reduction of pain, tightness, and muscle spas

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Healthy Swinger Machine   

The Healthy Swinger provides a simple exercise without applying any stress on the spine or other body parts. Simply lie down and let the Healthy Swinger do the walking for you. The gentle side-to-side rocking motion maintains a proper "chi" balance and oxygen supply to the body. "Chi" is said to be the balance of negative and positive forms in the body, which are essential to good health in old Asian tradition. A great and effective remedy for those with circulatory problems in the legs and feet. However, the unit benefits all users. Regular use of this relaxing massage movement stimulates your body and achieves relaxation and stress reduction. Sense of well-being arises from the massaging swing action and is immediately noticeable.

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 Blood Type Testing 

Ever wondered why what you eat doesn't make you feel all that great?
Have you heard about eating for your blood type?
This concept came from Naturopathic Doctor, D'Adamo, who encourages people to eat certain foods and avoid others based on their blood type- A,B, AB, or O. He believes that blood types affect the digestive system and that some foods good for one type are dangerous for another.
 Ask how we can help you take the natural Approach to eating foods best suited to your blood type so you can maintain your health and prevent disease.
 In-Office Blood Typing & Consultation Available