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Omega-3/Fish Oil 

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Matcha Greens

What is Matcha

Matcha is an ancient form of green tea unique to Japan and China. Instead of throwing out the leaves once the tea is brewed, Matcha is made from the whole green tea leaf, which is specially grown and ground into a finely-powdered form.

Matcha Benefits: Anti-aging, Detoxification, Weight loss,

Increased energy and endurance, Mental relaxation,

Immunity boost

Aicok Juicer slow masticating juice extractor, cold press Juicer Machine

Why Vertical Masticating Juicer
Vertical masticating juicers often combine the benefits of centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers. Vertical masticating juicers produce highly nutritious juice at a fast speed.
Auger is made larger than that of the horizontal one. Therefore the vertical juicer can take in larger amount of produce. This enables the vertical juicer to process ingredients faster.

Anti-Oxidative Cold Juicer
The masticating juicer use a low rpm motor which best retains the nutritional value of your fruits, veggies, and greens. It helps the body absorb the nutrients better.


Make smoothies & juices, hot soups, flours & dough, nut butter, frozen desserts, batters, dressings & sauces, non-dairy milks, and more.


Colloidal Silver Gel
Applied externally for anything viral, bacterial or fungal. 



Benefits of the FasciaBlaster

​Regular use of the FasciaBlaster can lead to:

  • pain reduction
  • improved flexibility
  • improved joint function
  • better circulation
  • muscle definition and muscle performance
  • nerve activity
  • diminished appearance of cellulite

FasciaBlaster™ -  Patented Tool by Ashley Black Helps Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Crow's Feet


Part of the FasciaBlaster family, the FaceBlaster is a completely new design with 3 tiny, dainty claws that employ the same benefits of the FasciaBlaster for smaller, delicate areas. The FaceBlaster is designed to contour, sculpt and release tension from the face. It can also be used to separate fascia from existing scar tissue, especially between joints and bones in the hands, feet, and neck. TheFaceBlaster has also been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Trigger Point Self Massage Tool

Designed to aid anyone, whether suffering from chronic pain or just looking for stress relief. Our tool boasts 7 perfectly placed therapy knobs that offer you easy access to your whole body. Recommended by health and fitness experts, it is an effective tool for pain management techniques like Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Massage. You can now dissolve pain, relax tension and rid stress like never before.

Swing Machine

 Good for blood circulation. 

Cupping Set

Chinese traditional acupuncture cupping therapy has a long history and is recognized worldwide. 

This newly developed SunlitLife Cupping Set is an innovative and excellent instrument for physiotherapy and healthcare, fusing Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern technology. The operation of this vacuum cupping set is easy, safe and reliable compared to the traditional cupping glasses that use fire.  

By creating a vacuum in the cups and placing them on the acupoints of the body, it facilitates a seamless flow in the human channels and collaterals, eliminating wind-evil and dampness-evil, expelling coldness-evil and removes toxins, thus helps to cure diseases and relieving muscle pains.