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Yoga Fit
Yoga Fit
$5 for 1 class or 
$8 for both

Wed. 12/04  5:30-6pm &

Body Sculpting 
Yoga Pilates
$5 for 1 class or
$8 for both 
Sat. 12/07  9-9:30am
Body Sculpting
Yoga Pilates
$5 for 1 class or
$8 for both 
Tue. 12/10 5-5:30pm & 5:45-6:15pm
Yoga Fit
Yoga Fit
 $5 for 1 class or 
$8 for both
Wed. 12/11 5:30-6pm & 6:15-6:45pm
Body Sculpting
Yoga Pilates
$5 for 1 class or 
$8 for both
Tue. 12/17
5-5:30pm & 5:45-6:15pm
Yoga Fit
Yoga Fit
 $5 for 1 class or
$8 for both


Acupuncture-Chiropractic Synergy

Come join Dr. Rozana, the Chiropractor, and Dr. Laura, the Acupuncturist, in discussing how chiropractic and acupuncture can help to balance your health issues.

Anti Bullying Kids Self Defense Class

Anti-bullying training for kids ages 8-14, just before school starts!
Understand the psychology behind bullying. Learn a mixture of Martial Art techniques for various bullying situations.
Gain confidence through consistent training and avoid bullying!
$10 per child.

Become an Ingredient Detective!

Be an ingredients Detective ! Learn what you should watch out for and why! There are always warnings about toxic stuff in all of our personal products! Bring YOUR personal products so we can have an ingredient check! We may have something better to recommend or offer. The systemic disruption that occurs from the use of these products has now begun to show the outcome in patients. SICKNESS without cause!!

Body Sculpting

This class tones your muscles and increases bone density with a variety of exercises. Each class is different so you and your muscles will never be bored!

Chair Barre

CHAIR BARRE is a full body workout that mixes elements of Pilates, ballet, and yoga. During this workout, we tone, lengthen, and stretch our muscles with low impact on joints. All levels of fitness are welcome. This class will be held every third Tuesday of the month! $5 per class

Cracky Hour

New to our Happy Hour! Cracky Hour with the chiropractor! That desk job is not only wrecking your posture but your arms and shoulders are tired as well! Mini chiropractic therapy with Dr. Rozana! She will adjust hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and provide active trigger point therapies to soothe you from your stressful week!

Detoxing Your Home

This class will reveal toxins in your home that you had not considered before, not just your cleaning products! While the list of possible in-home toxins is extensive, Teresa will provide some simple principles to follow in keeping your home toxin free. You will leave with several saTmples of healthy alternatives to get you started, as well as enjoy some healthy homemade snacks! For more information about why this is important, click here: . Cost is $15 , but there is an online preregistration discounted price of $10 available here:


 Join Certified EFT Practitioner, Julie Jacky, for a fun, experiential workshop to learn EFT/Tapping. Julie will teach you tapping basics, the tapping points, answer all your questions and take you through some specific exercises so you can feel the power of EFT.

What is EFT anyway?

 EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is also known as Meridian Tapping or Tapping. 

 Healthy Eating That Hard to Do? 

It seems that healthy eating is impossible these days, since health information keeps changing and so much of it is contradictory. Many people decide to just not even try, or make a token attempt that really is not benefiting them and is probably even wasting their money . But is knowing what is healthy really that hard? Teresa has been living a healthy lifestyle for over 30 years and she says that it is not that difficult. In this class she will give you some guiding principles that can be applied to anything that is sold as food, making your ability to discern what is accurate and healthy information much easier. As in all of her classes , she will also provide you a variety of delicious healthy foods to taste and their recipes to take home to make .

Help!!! What should I eat?

Keto? Paleo? Vegan? Detoxes? AAAAAHHHHH!!!

It can be so overwhelming! Dr. Laura and Dr. Rozana will be discussing the best ways to eat for your HEALTH! We can help demystify eating habits for you and your family.

Juicing and Dehydrating Demos and Tips


Drinking a cup of freshly prepared vegetable juice several times a day can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle! Teresa will teach you some tips to ensure that you get the most for your time and money invested, which will include a juicing demonstration and tasting. Do you dislike the idea of throwing out all that pulp?! That is why this class is combined with dehydrating, you can make several different things with juice pulp and a dehydrator! And besides that, dehydrating allows for a wonderful variety of texture in raw food and overall healthy eating. Samples and recipes will be provided!

Inexpensive Gardening

Gardening does cost some money, and it can cost way more than it produces if you are not careful! Teresa will share some alternative methods of growing food inexpensively and with less maintenance required! She will bring you some plant starts to take home immediately to plant , and even a tasty prepared food and it's recipe with one of them!

Natural Solutions, Essential Oils and More

Learn about essential oils and other natural solutions with Dr. Rozana for healthy and empowered living! Do you need safe, effective and affordable health solutions? Then this is the class for you.


Qigong is a series of movements combined with breathing techniques to create Qi within and around the body to promote healing with a sense of meditation to calm the soul.

Raw Food Introduction

Raw fruits and vegetables are a part of many credible diets! Why is that, and how do we eat more raw food? Does eating raw food sound like eating carrots and celery sticks and salad? There is such a greater variety of raw foods available to eat than salads and veggie sticks!
This class will give you an overview of why raw foods are so beneficial to our health, how you can eat a great variety when eating more, or all, raw. This class will provide a few delicious recipes and a demonstration of how to make them and then the opportunity to taste them!

Raw Food Prep Demonstration and  Tasting

After watching the preparation of a variety of raw foods, enjoy them as a meal at this special class that will fill you with energy-producing organic, raw, whole foods! While watching, you will be learning many simple tips that make raw food prep quicker and easier for you to prepare!

Self Defense Class

This class will focus on straight to the point self defense! It will include Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, cardio and hand-to-hand defense. Both men and women are welcome. Learn easy, yet effective techniques to stop an aggressor. Learn a life saving skill and get a good workout all in one! ONLY $10 per class!!! 

Spine Flex

This is a different type of stretch class! You will learn simple ways to improve functional range of motion across the whole body! You will also learn about simple tools you can use at home to stretch daily! 

Stress Relief Acupuncture & Massage Happy Hour

Our non-alcoholic Acupuncture and Massage Happy Hour is one Friday every month where Chair massages and Acupuncture Stress Relief treatments are available on a  walk in basis. For those who have never had acupuncture, this is a great way to be introduced to acupuncture and  experience it's  amazing benefits with  stress reduction!  Acupuncture sessions are approximately 25 mins. Please join us and bring a friend! 

What's in your Natural Doctors Medicine Cabinet?

Join the doctors in discussing  what is in THEIR NATURAL MEDICINE CABINET? Learn what to keep on hand for cuts and bruises, cold and flu, tummy aches and more! You don't want to miss this.

Yoga Express

Get all of the benefits of yoga in this thirty minute class. We will improve strength, flexibility, and balance, while detoxifying and removing stress. 

Yoga Fit

Yogafit is a Vinyasa style of Hatha yoga heavily rooted in Ashtanga principles: 

• of strength and heat-building sequences 
• linking the breath with movement 
And Iyengar approach: 
• adjustments 
• and use of props 
Yogafit pulls from classical yogic teachings and modern principles of exercise science- emphasizing yoga for every body and the path of Karma- giving back to the community. 

Yoga Pilates

This fusion includes all of the best elements of yoga and Pilates. We will improve strength, concentrating on the core, while focusing on  mindfulness, balance, and flexibility. 

Your Gut

Does What?

How does your GUT health REALLY affect 

your overall health and what can you do 

to change that? This class will give you 

the detailed answers to these questions, 

and we will not just talk about adding fiber 

to your diet! There are a number of other 

things that affect your gut that people are 

not talking about! Come find out how you 

can have better health by paying less 

attention to the latest fad information and 

more attention to well establish facts!